My Drag Story - FEM Presents
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My Drag Story uncorsets seven queens, kings and gender defying royals to reveal what’s beyond the painted façade.


With Priscilla, Queen of the Desert stamped on our national identity and Drag Race sashaying across screens there’s no doubt Drag has sunk it’s six-inch heels into the mainstream. Fabulous glamour, outrageous shade and shouts of ‘Yaas queen!’ or ‘G’day darl!’ are now familiar scenes not only along our inner-city rainbow strips, but all across our suburban landscape of pubs, clubs and backyards.


From the heady days of Oxford Street’s “Golden Mile” to the diverse fabulousness many decades later – our nation’s alumni of drag artists have proudly carved a cheeky and quintessentially Aussie path through our cultural playbook.


The ultimate expression of queerness, drag has often been a defiant voice for our communities – in a passionate celebration of pride and rage against injustice.


In the words of drag philosopher Ru Paul, “You are born naked, and everything else is drag.”

Curated by Anthony Carthew

(Amelia Airhead)


Presented in association with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


Ideasstorytelling, verbatim theatre 




Festivals, events, conferences 


2 hours with a 20 min interval – can be adjusted to suit the event 

My Drag Story features 5-7 speakers telling 10 minute stories about their lives behind the make-up, climaxing with a final full-company production number. The event premiered to a sell-out audience at the Sydney Mardi Gras 2021 festival and will soon delight audiences at the new Mardi Gras Pride Weekender for the Sydney Solstice Festival in June 2021.


Season 2 – Sydney Mardi Gras Pride Weekender line-up includes:

Beedazzelled Shanks Price of Redfern

Dizzy Bility

Dorreen Manganini

Mini Cooper

Miss 3D

Hosted by Hannah Conda


Season 1 – Sydney Mardi Gras 2021 line-up included:

Amelia Airhead (also host)

Cindy Pastel

Hannah Conda

Kiki Fetch

Nana Miss Koorie

Sexy Galexy