How to be a Good Trans Ally - FEM Presents
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Ally is not a noun – it’s not a social media post, a bumper sticker or a flag – it’s an ACTION. 


As a result of this new trans era of visibility, more and more people are standing up and supporting their trans and gender diverse friends and colleagues in the community, in business, their neighbourhoods and families.


How to be a Good Trans Ally is a curated panel discussion for corporate, community and festival environments.  It features trans and gender diverse advocates (who represents the full spectrum of the community) and a moderator speaking about how you can be the best ally.


This discussion ranges from trans 101 to advocating for change, investigating ways to love and support our trans friends, family and colleagues through transition and beyond.  It discusses how to provide an inclusive work place trans and gender diverse employees and how to ensure an inclusive guest experience.


Panelists are programmed who can best speak to the needs of each event.


How to be a Good Trans Ally is available now

‘An insightful and at times emotional event. It was a great example of what we can do to show our support for trans and gender diverse people in the Opera House community and beyond.’

Louise Herron AM CEO Sydney Opera House


‘Out for Australia partnered with FEM to produce two trans ally events at two large Australian corporates – Goldman Sachs and TAL insurance.  FEM was an absolute pleasure to work with, they thought through each detail of the event, were able to find diverse and innovative speakers, help prepare them, and ensure the overall event was inclusive and enjoyable for everyone that attended. Events we hold with FEM are consistently our most highly rated events.’

Emily Scott  CEO Out For Australia 


Talks + Ideas, Panel Discussion, Conversations




Corporate, Community, Festivals and Events 


60 mins no interval + 15 min Q&A

This important conversation is timelier that ever in 2019. We congratulate you for considering to provide your community, employees and stakeholders the toolkit needed to enter this conversation with respect and confidence. 


FEM is uniquely positioned to produce this event drawing on our extensive professional theatre, corporate events and community advocacy experience. 


Some of our clients include Sydney Opera House, EnergyAustralia, Out For Australia, TAL Insurance and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


Photo Credit: Yyael Stempler

Sydney Opera House 

Nyx Calder, Peta Friend

Bhenji Ra, Kaya Wilson

Moderated by Will Fennel


EnergyAustralia Melbourne 

Peta Friend, Anastasia Le

Jeremy Wiggins, Nevo Zisin


Out for Australia and TAL 

Emma Bastable,  Ted Cook,

Peta Friend and Frankie Sullivian


Pride Festival 

Dibs Barisic Sprem, Lisa Freshwater,

Caitlin Hall, Meagan MacDonald,

Kaya Wilson


Panels moderated by Will Fennell