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FEM believes in the power of representation.  Our goal is to give voice and agency to marginalised identities, so they can be portrayed with more depth and authenticity. 


So people like Arden, a deaf kid in Canberra sees themselves in the latest Pixar flix. Or Makena, a year 12 African/Australian girl at Wagga Wagga High confidently applies to study Politics at Sydney Uni dreaming of becoming our next PM. Maybe Kai, a 42 year bus driver in Adelaide affirms their gender without fear of losing their job, their family, their life.


We also recognise smashing harmful stereotypes goes beyond visibility and extends to those behind the scenes. From the Front of House Person at a cinema, to a Project Officer at a funding organisation to the Exec. Producer of a commercial production company.  The success or failure of a project rests on the unconscious bias of a decision-maker somewhere along the chain. 

What if the world, as we know it today, wasn’t built on colonial and patriarchal systems?


How about a world where women, people of colour, queer people, people living with disability or who are d/Deaf saw their stories, their lives reflected back at them?


Who would we be if all these intersectional identities we’re given equal space in the media, on stage and screen, in literature and art, in business and leadership?

The time to stop saying “things should be different” and start asking “what can I do differently” has arrived

We’ve created change with the following orgs:  
Brisbane Powerhouse
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Theatre Company
Queensland Theatre
The Michael Cassel Group
Allen and Overy
TAL Insurance
Out For Australia
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
Trans Pride Australia

Many of us want to do better but don’t know where to start or are afraid of making the wrong decision.


So, in May 2018 (in the wake of the #metoo and #timesup movement) FEM launched as a hub for productions and events with diversity at it’s heart.


Our stories reflect all genders and gender identities, sexualities, abilities, cultural backgrounds, body types + ages. We also deliver storytelling workshops to empower you or your people to use your voice to make a difference.


FEM counters the argument: I can’t find a diverse talent, this will create too much extra work for my team, we’re already doing a good job.  We take the challenge out of sourcing quality entertainment who inspire, entertain + disrupt the status quo.  Ultimately, we produce experiences that create an inclusive culture + positive change for your organisation and audience.

Every moment of major social change requires a collective leap of imagination. Political transformation must be accompanied not just by spontaneous and organized expressions of unrest and risk but by an explosion of mass creativity.

– Jeff Chang